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Enzymes For Kids

Can we stop the reactions of enzymes?

Enzymes and health
Facts and Illustrations
Can we stop the reactions of enzymes?
Locks And Keys

Enzymes sometimes need to be controlled. These are some of the things that affect the reactions of the enzymes.

That's a good one. Proteins change shape as temperatures change. Because so much of an enzyme's activity is based on its shape, temperature changes can mess up the process and the enzyme won't work.

Sometimes you need an enzyme to work faster and your body creates an activator. Other times you might eat something that acts as an activator. Activators make enzymes work harder and faster. If you're running in a race and you need more energy. Get those enzymes to work!

(3) pH LEVELS:
In the same way that temperature can change the shape of proteins, the acidity of the environment does the same thing. Remember that the pH is a measure of acidity?

These are the opposite of activators. Inhibitors either slow down or stop the activity of an enzyme. They often bond to the protein and the shape changes. Remember - When the shape changes, the enzyme will not work the same way. A nasty example of an inhibitor is snake venom or maybe nerve gas from World War I.

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