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Enzymes For Kids

Locks And Keys

Enzymes and health
Facts and Illustrations
Can we stop the reactions of enzymes?
Locks And Keys

When you go home at night, can your door open itself, no. Similarly, Enzymes and their substrates are analomous to the lock and key. Enzymes complete specific jobs and nothing else. They are the specific locks and the compunds they work with are the specific keys. Here is the simplified process of what actually happens.

(1) An enzyme and a SUBSTRATE are in the same area. The substrate is the biological molecule that the enzyme will work on.

(2) The enzyme grabs onto the substrate with a special area called the ACTIVE SITE. The active site is a specially shaped area of the enzyme that fits around the substrate. The active site is the keyhole of the lock.

(3) A process called CATALYSIS happens. Catalysis is when the substrate is changed. It could be broken down or combined with another molecule to make something new.

(4) The enzyme lets go. Big idea - When the enzyme lets go, it returns to normal, ready to do another reaction. The substrate is no longer the same. The substrate is now called the PRODUCT

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